Website Performance Checker Software

Website Performance Checker Software



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Website performance analyzer software is developed to monitor response time and ping status of all websites or web based applications. Real time website monitoring utility provides facility to determine multiple websiteOCOs online offline performance simultaneously. Advanced website status tracker software easily manages all your password protected websites and also checks whether internet connection is active or not. Website uptime monitoring tool instantly alerts by sending an email, sound beep or runs specific program in your desktop when website loads improperly or detected inaccessible due to some trouble such as host not found, low connectivity network status, server not found or other network problem. Website status tracker tool provides easiest, safest and quickest site monitoring services for webmasters, website owners to ensure 24x7 websites availability. Professional real time server monitoring software informs you immediately when website is unavailable, responding excessively slow or works inappropriately.Features:* Website monitoring application provides 24 hours regular website performance checking services.* Utility facilitates users to switch system from normal monitoring view to advance monitoring view for real time monitoring.* Reliable site status analyzer software supports different Internet Server Protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTPS etc.* Website performance checker tool monitors network connectivity in real time.* Utility is helpful at both personal, organizational level with interactive Graphical User Interface feature.* Advanced website monitoring tool runs in background and continuously watches status of your all important websites.

Systems: Windows

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